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It's all about the Men...

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Sauron and the Elves are but a memory. But Men have never lacked for enemies among themselves...

Kinstrife is a new LOTR AU RPG created by some White City veterans that will be starting within the next week. We have 8-10 players now and are looking for more. Specifically, we're in search of players for King Aragorn of Arthedain and others who would take active roles in game, especially with a good grasp of 'canon' Arda. A Theoden would also be nice, as would various bit players.

This AU LOTR RPG is based on the initial 'what-if' of Isildur destroying the ring. The Rohirrim are barely tolerated invaders in Gondor's ancestral northern provinces, not allies. Arnor never fell, and its realms of Arthedain, Rhudaur, and Cardolan are taking an interest. The Stewards usurped the Kings and became Kings themselves. The Palantiri exist, though some may be held by unknown entities. There are a few palantirs in play, Denethor with one of Tirith, Belloth Queen of Rhudaur, Shelob with the Ithil stone, and the Orthanc one is thought to have been taken by the elves upon their departure. The Palantir of Osgiliath is still lost, and of the rest, no one knows.

Set in an AU 3rd Age Arda.

The ring was destroyed by Elrond and Isildur, and only scattered bands of orcs remain. Whether it be historical imperative or us being lazy, characters of the same names as those in 'canon' Arda have risen to similar positions of power in Gondor, Rohan, and the three realms of Arnor.

The relationship between Gondor and Rohan has long since broken down, and war looms between Denethor King and Theoden King, with the realms of Arnor attempting to negotiate a peace (map) and their sons and nephews stuck in the fray. But in the north, King Aragorn of Arthedain and his kinsmen watch in their palantirs and make their own plans....

  • No pooftas! elves. they're gone mostly.
  • One puppet per player, to begin with and mods reserve veto rights. "Canon" characters preferred, but humans or perhaps dwarven or hobbit OC's can be negotiated.
  • You may play in threads or via pasted/edited AIM chats. Use the LJ-Cut for private thoughts, long posts, and OOC notes (please use the OOC community kinstrifeooc for all OOC matters if possible) If your post refers to other plotlines/posts, please link to them.
  • Should have some roleplaying experience, especially with Tolkien and a bit of knowledge of Tolkien's world would be good, as well as willingness to have fun.
  • All mature-material pots must be LJ-Cut and labelled outside the cut. Slash or other smut is fine.
  • Last but not least: DO NOT import intermun baggage from other games!
In-character posts, logs, etc. = kinstrife
Out-of-character questions, issues, etc. = kinstrifeooc
"Private" posts, anything else you like = your pup's journal.

WANT TO PLAY? You must know how to roleplay -- experience is preferred but not mandatory. You must be over 13. You must provide an LJ and an AIM identity for your character but please not until the moderators have given you an Okay. You must post at least once a week or at least one of us will be nagging you or asking you why you aren't and we are very lazy so we don't like that ;) And you must be able to tell the difference between game and reality. Last but not least: we (the moderators) have full right to simply Say No to your application, however do not let this frighten you off; we will NOT automatically say Yes if you give us no indication of your ability to RP, and no credentials (of a sort) but if you really want to play, we're actually very easy going moderators and some negotiating might happen - E-mail Kinstrife moderator with the Application Form filled out, to join us!

adrahilion - Imrahil - [AIM: ImrahilSilamagor (mod)]
aragornskin - Halbarad - [AIM: iorethofgondor (mod)]
denethor_ll - Denethor - [AIM: TakaCrantz]
gedyrstig_leod - Theodred - [AIM: PrinceOfTheMark]
kingsnephew - Amrothos - [AIM: noldorfirstborn (mod)]
kseowyn - Eowyn - [AIM: same o1d song]
lady_lothiriel - Lothiriel - [AIM: HelmsDaughter]
less_favoured - Faramir - [AIM: MenOfArda]
thirdofmarshals - Eomer - [AIM: Redcoated Sean / Steward Kari]
favored_son - Boromir - [AIM: Boromir the 2nd]