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*eyedart* What drills? Where?

Boromir: *waits for messenger from annoying man up north*

Halbarad: *rides into camp* *goes looking for irritating son of Denethor*

Boromir: *stares balefully at a bunch of maps in his tent*

Halbarad: *peeks into tent* Ah, Prince Boromir. *waves letter from Aragorn* I bring word of Aragorn of Arthedain.

Boromir: *annoyed look* Took you long enough. What does he want this time? *rises and fetches some wine and glasses despite his abrasive greeting*

Halbarad: I'm not sure. *hands the letter over* It's probably in response to something your father demanded.

Boromir: *grimaces* *pours two glasses of wine, takes the letter, tosses it onto a pile of papers and sits down* Have a good trip?

Halbarad: Not particularly. *sighs, looking around* What exactly are you doing out here?

Boromir: Officially? Drills.

Halbarad: *raises an eyebrow* I'm not stupid, Boromir, and your 'drills' are very close to the Rohan border

Boromir: *twirls his glass* You'll have to figure out the unofficial orders by yourself. I may not agree with my father on everything, but I'm not a traitor, either.

Halbarad: *sighs* Arthedain can hardly stand by and watch if, lets say, Gondor were to start hostile action against a neighbouring people.

Boromir: Gondor hardly expects Arthedain to stand by and watch, and officially, Gondor has no intention of starting hostile action against anyone. However, Gondor has little faith in its neighbors' assurances of the same.

Halbarad: And whose fault is it, then, that neither Gondor nor Rohan can be convinced to meet over a bargain-table rather than a battlefield.

Boromir: *rolls eyes* Halbarad, believe me, we've tried to convince my father to compromise, but that kind of talk tends to land people in the dungeons or on the border with Harad.

Halbarad: *groans* So you will start a pointless war instead of talking to your father.

Boromir: I did talk to my father. Then I spent the next week with Faramir in the library and weapons storerooms until our Lord King ordered me here.

Halbarad: *is getting a headache from Gondorian logic or lack thereof* *wonders if 'ever thought of starting a revolution?' would really be a terminally bad thing to say* I see. *diplomatic* I will be staying here for a couple of days before I head to Minas Tirith to deliver some information to your father. Any message you wish to give to Aragorn will have to be given to me before then - I will not be passing by this way when I return to Fornost, it is too much of a detour.

Boromir: *headache* If I give you a message to Aragorn, can you keep it hidden from the king?

Halbarad: Assuming he's not planning to throw me in the dungeon and search my person and my belongings, yes.

Boromir: *winces* On second thought, if I give you a message to Aragorn, can you memorize it and then burn it?

Halbarad: ... If you think that would be safer, then yes.

Boromir: Much, much, much safer. *grabs some paper, hands Halbarad the wine bottle so he can enjoy as much as he likes, and starts scribbling a note to Aragorn warning him to be careful of Denethor, that there are those in Gondor who would not take kindly to Northern intervention, blah blah blah and reminding him of his friends in Gondor, etc. and so forth, and expressing his sincere wishes to avoid war if possible*

Halbarad: *pours exactly a third of a glass for himself and nurses it*

Boromir: *hands him the note* How much time do you need to commit this to memory?

Halbarad: *shrugs* An evening or so.

Boromir: *considers him for a moment, then takes the note back and folds it into quarters before tucking it away* I trust you, Halbarad, but I am in a precarious position. Attend me at your convenience the evening before your departure, and I will give you time and peace to perform the task.

Halbarad: *nods, sipping at the wine* I understand. I will do so. *considers* I suppose I should find some place to sleep tonight.

Boromir: *warm smile* Only if you feel insecure within our camp. You are welcome to stay in our guest quarters, such as they are.

Halbarad: That would be fine. *grinning* I've slept in far worse places, I can assure you.

Boromir: *chuckles* Anyone who's slept under my father's roof can say that. Shall I send for some dinner? You must be hungry.

Halbarad: That would be kind of you. Have you dined already?

Boromir: *snorts* I haven't had an excuse to. If it isn't one thing around here, it's another. *summons one of his pages and orders a meal brought to the tent* Let us share the pleasant news this evening, and discuss official matters on the morrow.

Halbarad: Pleasant news? Well, I have yet another nephew. *shrugs* Many sisters, all of whom are obviously very happily married, judging by the amount of babysitting I may have to do soon.

Boromir: I envy you. *sits back as a group of servants bring in the fare, only slightly better than what the common soldier receives in that there is more of it and the bread is white* Father is anxious for grandchildren only to ensure the survival of our house. I make it a point to protect Faramir and myself from his matchmaking skills.

Halbarad: *teasing* You know, I hear the niece of Theoden King is unmarried as of yet.

Boromir: And I hear both that she is fair and that she is the most hideous creature to walk the earth since those giant spiders in fairytales. Have you laid eyes on her? Which of the tales is true?

Halbarad: I have, if only briefly, and she is fair, but... unmeek, shall we say. *chuckles* *sops up gravy with his bread*

Boromir: It's true she's trained in weapons, then. *not a question* I should like to meet such a woman off the field of battle.

Halbarad: I should hope you would not meet her on it. You might not come out of it entirely... intact. *grins*

Boromir: Thank you ever so much for your vote of confidence. Do you talk to Aragorn like this?

Halbarad: I say much worse things to him. After all, he is family.

Boromir: *grins and drains his wineglass* He's a fortunate man.

Halbarad: *chuckles* He might disagree with you there.

Boromir: *refills his wine* To family then.

Halbarad: To family.
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