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Halbarad: *eyes*

Theodred: *also eyes, warily*

Halbarad: *sigh* Message from Arthedain, and I'd like to get this over with as quickly as possible. *sniffs* I like what you've done with the place. Is that -fresh- straw on the floor? How lovely.

Theodred: Nothing but the best for the most famed messanger boy of the north.

Halbarad: *glares* Here. *thrusts the message at him* Read. Savor. Enjoy. I'll just be over here pretending not to notice that the Golden Hall smells of horseshit.

Theodred: Such arrogance. *headshake* Had I my spear...

Halbarad: Arrogance? Try boredom.

Theodred: And I am the answer to all your problems? *shakes head* Seek your entertainment elsewhere. *dryly* My father is good for that.

Halbarad: *sotto voce* Or your 'lady' cousin.

Theodred: *decks him*

Halbarad: *curses* ... my apologies, my lord. *tinge of sarcasm* Don't know what came over me.

Theodred: And this I do not doubt, knowing where you hail from. *glowers and reads the message slowly, holding it close to his face.* Will there be anything else for the moment, or would you rather find yourself safely out of my sight?

Halbarad: *mutters* I could translate that into words of one syllable or less for you. *loudly* I think I shall retire until you have had a chance to compose your reply, my Lord.

Theodred:*glowers* So be it then.

Theodred: *stalks off to go read where the light is better*

Halbarad: *smirk*

Theodred: *eventually returns with a badly scrawled reply* Happy?

Halbarad: *takes it* *eyes it distastefully* That'll do. *bows*

Theodred: Fine. *sarcastic* Thank you

Halbarad: *in a hurry to get out of here*

Theodred: *Cant wait for him to leave, mutters something pithy and unsinscere about having a safe ride*

Halbarad: *doesn't leave the stableboy a tip, rides out muttering about horsefuckers and stupid Kings making him deliver stupid messages*

Theodred: *is now in an even worse mood, goes to find an advisor to yell at.*
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