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Um ... Hi Dad ...

Boromir: *tries to slink past the throne room without being noticed by his father*

Denethor: A treaty with Rohan?

Boromir: *guiltily sticks his head in the door* A what, Father?

Denethor: the little sycophant mentioned something to that effect.

Boromir: Can't imagine where he got that idea.

Denethor: from you?

Boromir: You know, I was not exactly at my best then...

Denethor: mmhmm. Now that you're better, try explaining.

Boromir: It was nothing, Father. Just a drunken fancy. *eyedart*

Denethor: so glad my son is spending his nights drunk while we're at war.

Boromir: *Ouch.* I beg your forgiveness, Father. My men and I were merely celebrating our return to the city.

Denethor: begging is undignified. And I suggest you find a new way to celebrate, if that's what you think of when inebriated.

Boromir: Yessir.

Denethor: now slink off and do something useful.

Boromir: Um ... like what sir?

Denethor: ...they always ask that.

Boromir: ...

Denethor: *evil eye*

Boromir: Right. I'll just go ... check the armory.

Denethor: good.

Boromir: *skitters off*
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