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Amrothos: My liege? When are we going to crush the pewling Rohirrim once and for all?

Denethor: after you tell me what pewling means

Amrothos: Er. A sort of whining, I think. Whimpering like dogs.

Denethor: 'mewling'?

Amrothos: No, it's pewling. Mewling is like cats. *thinks* or perhaps it's 'puling'.

Denethor: Don't you do anything *useful* with your time?

Amrothos: I endeavor to be a learned gentleman as to do credit to my service to you.

Denethor: be useful instead.

Amrothos: *accepts the rebuke with a faint quivering of his lip* What do you wish of me, then?

Denethor: I'm sure one of my sons could do with a helper. Or your sister. *half smile and resumes trying to work*

Amrothos: *earnestly* But your service is the nobler, sir. If I do not please you, tell me how I must change.

Denethor: my service has no need of you right this moment, boy.

Amrothos: *face crumples briefly* ...yes sir.

Denethor: *works* *looks up* You're still here?

Amrothos: You didn't dismiss me, sir.

Denethor: Dismissed.

Amrothos: *bows and scurries out*
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