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Counting Arrows

Faramir: *Father already has me in the armory taking inventory of what we have. Removing the quill from the container, I write out the number of bows that we have before I start counting the arrows.*

Boromir: *After my little dressing-down the other day, I've decided to avoid Father entirely for now. Unfortunately, that's meant sneaking about the Citadel, and that's resulted in not seeing much of my brother in days. When I finally catch up to someone who -has- seen him, I'm directed to the armory. The armory? What in Tulkas' name is he doing there? I knock loudly on the door, in case he's deep enough on the cavernous storage areas that he might not hear my voice.* Faramir?

Faramir: *The knock at the door startles me so badly I end up jumping off the table I've been sitting on, arrows flying to the floor. Cursing softly, I lean down to start collecting before counting them again.* Yes? Who is it? *It sounded like Boromir, but I can't be sure it was him that I heard.*

Boromir: *opening the door and peering inside at the mess* It's just me. What're you doing down here?

Faramir: *I hold up some of the arrows I dropped.* Taking inventory. It was the only way to avoid father and... *I go quiet, knowing you'll understand as I step over the arrows towards you.*

Boromir: *slipping inside and closing the door behind me* Ah. Well I'm hiding from him too. *raising an eyebrow at the scattered arrows* Need some help?

Faramir: *I look back at the pile of scattered arrows on the floor.* Please. It may buy us a few hours of peace.

Boromir: A few hours? I was hoping for at least another day. *kneels and begins gathering up the weapons* Tell me you weren't counting these individually.

Faramir: *feels a blush creeping up my cheeks* It gives you at least a day if you count them individually and a day here means a day away from father.

Boromir: Ahhh. *shaking my head in admiration or dismay--I'm not sure which* You're clever, little brother. Sometimes too clever. You outwit yourself.

Faramir: Not clever. *I whisper as I gather up the last of the arrows. Truth be told -- I learned to do it while you were gone. That way, father would have less to dress me down about.*

Boromir: I meant to find you sooner, but Amrothos set on me right after I got home, and then Father, and since then I've been trying to keep out of sight.

Faramir: It's... all right. *briefly smiles* I missed you, but I'm glad you're home again. It's easier when you're home.

Boromir: Seconded. *placing my pile of arrows on the table* How bad was it this time?

Faramir: *placing my own arrows on the table, I flash you a quick half smile* I'm counting arrows in the armory by hand. I've already counted bows, swords, helmets, and each different piece of armor. By hand.

Boromir: *staring* Oh.

Faramir: *takes up my spot on the table again and places our piles together so I can start counting them again* He's not been... happy while you've been gone.

Boromir: *seating myself on the edge of the table* The horsemen make him anxious. It's not your fault.

Faramir: I wish I could believe that. *starts picking up arrows to make sure they're not damaged first* No matter. You're home now and safe.

Boromir: *shrugs* It's not that bad for the moment. At least we haven't declared open war. *Yet, my mental voice adds.*

Faramir: *I can hear the yet as if you spoke it out loud even though you do not.* Then I guess we better get to counting these, yeah?

Boromir: *pulling some arrows to my side* You take those. I'll take these. How many do you suppose uncle has?

Faramir: *starts counting them mentally* I have no idea. You probably have a better idea than I do.

Boromir: *grimaces* I wish. More work to do. I wasn't meant for writing letters. I should have more aides who write letters.

Faramir: *another smile* I'll write your letters if you keep father away. I'd rather write letters any day.

Boromir: Would you? *setting aside a bunch or arrows that have been counted*

Faramir: *nods as I set aside one bunch that's been counted* I'm... It's less likely that it will anger father if I am doing something for you.

Boromir: Done. *smiles*

Faramir: *sets aside another bundle* So what made father angry this time?

Boromir: *fidgets* Well ... Amrothos and I were talking, and there may have been mention of a peace treaty ... and word may have gotten to Father ...

Faramir: *looks up* And Father doesn't want it?

Boromir: Not that the horsemen would agree to one, but no. He doesn't even want to try.

Faramir: *goes quiet for a moment as I sort more arrows and set them aside* Please don't anger him Boromir... I don't want to see him treat you badly.

Boromir: *tries to brush it off* He doesn't. Not really. When he's annoyed with me, it's more as a king to the commander of his armies than as a father to his son.

Faramir: *I can't say that it's good, but I'm glad he doesn't treat you like that.* All right. How long do you want to stay down here?

Boromir: As long as you do. Maybe later we can sneak some wine from the cellars and have a drink in our rooms.

Faramir: *laughs a little at that* I'm sure Father would love that. *grins at Boromir* But I'd like that. Will you tell me stories?

Boromir: *teasing* Will I have to tuck you in?

Faramir: *laughs again* Only if you let me drink the entire tankard like you did last time.

Boromir: *dry tone* I'll water it down.

Faramir: *half smiles* I'll not drink it all this time.

Boromir: I might. Hope you still remember how to drag your drunken brother off to bed when he's had enough.

Faramir: *laughs* I remember.

Boromir: Good. *starts a new stack of arrows* I've missed you, Faramir.

Faramir: *quiet* I've missed you too. *More than you can know.*
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