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*eyedart* What drills? Where? [04 May 2004|08:03am]
[ mood | working ]

Boromir: *waits for messenger from annoying man up north*

Halbarad: *rides into camp* *goes looking for irritating son of Denethor*

Boromir: *stares balefully at a bunch of maps in his tent*

Halbarad: *peeks into tent* Ah, Prince Boromir. *waves letter from Aragorn* I bring word of Aragorn of Arthedain.

Gondor has no intention of starting hostile action against anyone. However, Gondor has little faith in its neighbors' assurances of the same.Collapse )

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[20 Mar 2004|10:40pm]

[ mood | grumpy ]

Halbarad: *eyes*

Theodred: *also eyes, warily*

Halbarad: *sigh* Message from Arthedain, and I'd like to get this over with as quickly as possible. *sniffs* I like what you've done with the place. Is that -fresh- straw on the floor? How lovely.

Teh snark, we love it so.Collapse )

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[20 Mar 2004|04:24pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

On of my more...interesting acquaintances told me that a big standing army is like a big prick - it ensures domestic tranquility but encourages ambition towards *ahem* foreign endeavor.

Well, what else is one supposed to do with younger sons? They want -land-, not some fragment of old Osgiliath. A gooed pillaging does wonders for morale. I, of course, plan to inherit am content with my current position.

I wonder when Denethor will move? Honestly, we are better armed with good Numenorean lads. And we have pikes. The horseraiders won't stand a chance.

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Counting Arrows [13 Mar 2004|08:16pm]

[ mood | content ]

Boromir and Faramir talkCollapse )

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Um ... Hi Dad ... [09 Mar 2004|10:12am]
[ mood | chastised ]

Boromir: *tries to slink past the throne room without being noticed by his father*

Denethor: A treaty with Rohan?

Boromir: *guiltily sticks his head in the door* A what, Father?

the little sycophant mentioned something to that effectCollapse )

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This is such a waste of my time... [09 Mar 2004|08:03am]

[ mood | gloomy ]

Halbarad of Arthedain... warrior, cousin to a king...

Messenger boy.

*sighs, rides towards Edoras*

((Hey, resident Rohirrim... INCOMING!!!1!))

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look, a post! [05 Mar 2004|08:25pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

Amrothos is rebukedCollapse )

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((ooc: annnnd Kinstrife is open)) [03 Mar 2004|11:31am]

[ mood | pessimistic ]


Caer Andros is sufficient. Any details will not be included here, as this letter is by single messenger. More information on Orthanc is required; any knowledgeable source that thinks they can make the journey to Caer Andros and live here for a sufficient amount of time would be useful. However I specifically am requesting of Lord Denethor that you are not that one as you are more useful to Lord Denethor by his side, than here. I will attend to the rest. -- Imrahil sets down the quill for a moment, then decides to leave out mention of a message of words through the messenger, to Denethor himself. No doubt Amrothos would have the letter opened and resealed before he could say the word ‘Númenor’ --

Horses will be attended to whether by capture or destruction, as many of the Guard know how to use a horse, as will other things including possible confirmation of this Theodred.

My dear boy, many women know how to fight, you have unfortunately been brought up in a time when it is not considered proper. Watching your mother beat ten different young men at sword practice one day, was the reason I married her, and though you are a grown man, I won't go into details. Perhaps it is time you started taking an interest in meeting the young ladies of the local court, I am sure that would please your mother. Meeting this Eowyn sister of Eomer may prove interesting, certainly on a battlefield, but I will not hold leniency for her simply being a woman with the gift of bearing children. She is a warrior, fights alongside warriors, and that is how she will be treated.

As usual, more maps are requested along with more paper or something we can use to replace it. Ink quills or chalk to write with, the usual. The requisite demand for supplies, as well as Ale for the soldiers who grow restless. No, I do not drink and I still do not. A list has been drawn up and should be included along with this missive which contains all supplies we ask for.

We will deal with the horse-people when we deal with them. Information regarding any possible expectation of Prince Boromir's arrival to Caer Andros would be appreciated in case several should wait for him should we be gone at the time attending to business. News of Prince Faramir is also requested. I am writing this to you as no doubt you will inform Lord Denethor of all of this. Denethor informs me of a sudden fascination with writing stories. I have asked him to send home a copy to your mother, as I am sure she will be proud and would understand it better than I, as I am woefully ignorant in such matters of the arts. I have even requested that you visit home before the summer heat, as your mother no doubt misses any of her children no matter how...distant, they might become.


Imrahil Adrahilion, Prince of Dol Amroth and Captain of the Blue Guard. Loyal servant of Gondor.

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[29 Feb 2004|04:35pm]

[ mood | working ]

All righty people.

The current contact list is as follows
(mod)adrahilion Imrahil (AIM Ramlatch)
(mod)aragornskin Halbarad (AIM iorethofgondor)
denethor_ii Denethor (AIM Takacrantz)
gedyrstig_leod Theodred (AIM PrinceOfTheMark)
(mod)kingsnephew Amrothos (AIM noldorfirstborn)
kseowyn Eowyn (AIM same o1d song)
lady_lothiriel Lothiriel (AIM HelmsDaughter)
less_favored Faramir (AIM MenofArda)
thirdofmarshals Eomer (AIM Redcoated Sean or Steward Kari)

Get to know each other, etc. We're still recruiting - tell your friends. If we don't get a few more people we'll look into having multiple characters. For now, if you need a character that doesn't have a player yet, feel free to grab a mod(if you are a mod, grab another mod). We don't bite.

We should be starting soon (a couple of you have already been playing around). Next up on the to-do list is getting an OOC community up and running and answering any questions.

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A letter... [26 Feb 2004|09:54pm]

[ mood | smug asshole ]

Addressed to His Grace the Prince of Dol Amroth, on this date the sixth of Sulime, 3018 of the Third AgeCollapse )

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FAQ [25 Feb 2004|02:30pm]

[ mood | creative ]

What, exactly, is the setting of this game?
Kinstrife's setting is a war between Gondor and Rohan, with the realms of Arnor attempting to negotiate a peace (map). It is set in an AU Third Age where Isildur destroyed the ring, with characters having the same names as 'canon' characters, to save effort. They do not necessarily have the same personalities, of course.

What characters are available?
For the purposes of character interaction, it's suggested that characters be either heralds/messengers or part of the Rohirric or Gondorian armies or support staff. Additionally, a select few characters have access to Palantirs and are viable player characters. An incomplete list of suggested characters is below.

(assorted riders)

Denethor (in Minas Tirith with Palantir)(taken)
(assorted Gondorians)

Aragorn(in Fornoth with Palantir)
Ruler of Rhudaur (in Imladris with Palantir)
(assorted Dunedain and hobbits)

Can I play a Silvan/Avari elf, an Orc, or an Ent?:
Short answer: No.
Long answer: Maybe if you're really convincing, but we doubt it. These civilizations are currently NPC, as we expect they will have little impact on the game. Additionally, Durin's Bane, Smaug, and Shelob are permanent NPCs.

I understand this is based on a story by jenlittlebottom. Are we bound to follow the storyline she set?
No. While Jen is a mod, this is an open-ended RPG. It will continue to the conclusion of the war and possibly beyond if the players wish to continue it.

Is this a silly RPG or a serious one?
A little of both, we hope!

How do I join?
Please reply to this message below with the character you would like, or contact ramlatch or noldorfirstborn on AIM. You must be over 13. Please do not create a journal before discussing your desired character either here or on AIM.

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